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Velvet Touch Massage

Welcome to our massage getaway on Samsø.

At Velvet Touch Massage, we focus on providing a professional massage therapy suited to each one individually. Our massage will never be the same twice - just as we and our bodies change all the time - but it will always involve features as relaxation techniques, acupressure of specific areas, use of essential oils and conscious approach. Your body talks and our hands listen. The aim of our massage is to make you feel more free not just in your body but in your head too. You will feel recharged, renewed, rested, lighter and uplifted.

Our massage technique is based on our education and developed by the years of practice.

conscious touch

During each session, you decide how strong the pressure will be, and where the focus should land. We can help you with pain, blockages, immobility, stress and fatigue.

The essential oils that we use are of organic quality and can be added to any of the provided therapies. Your state of mind and body shape help us to choose the right ones for you.

Our sessions are either 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes long, and can be booked via our online booking system or by contacting us directly via our contact page info.

All our therapies can be enjoyed in our space on Samsø, or from the comfort of your home. Please see booking page for more information about home massage.

essential oils
Therapy list
/prices are incl. towels, sheets, base oil, essential oils, etc./.


A full body relaxing massage. Slow movements, lighter pressure and focus on de-stress make this therapy a great treat for both your body and mind .You can choose from our range of therapeutic grade essential oils, or we can advise you the ones that fit your actual state the best. The oils have many benefits - they help to improve your skin, they relieve sore muscles and appeal to your senses.


60 min - 650kr
90 min - 900kr
120 min - 1200kr 


Hot Stones

Deeply warming and relaxing. The smooth lava stones are pure joy to feel on the skin. The heat relieves the muscle tension so the therapist is allowed to work deeper while using lighter pressure.

60 min - 650kr

60 min - 650kr
90 min - 900kr
120 min - 1200kr

45min - 550kr

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep touch, stronger pressure, use of trigger points, and focus exactly there, where you need it. Ideal for days, when your body talks to you a bit louder. The healing effect of the treatment is enhanced by our special mix of essential oils.


Back Massage

The focus is on the upper part of your body. The pressure can be lighter or stronger, according to your preference. Great treat after a long car drive or everyday work.


Head & Neck massage

Have you been using your phone a lot lately? We can help you! 

This short and intense massage of upper back and necks helps to release the tensed muscles and helps with pain.


30 min - 400kr

Feet massage

A combination of relaxing massage techniques and reflexology points stimulation. Ideal for tired feet, swellings and cramps. The stimulation of specific parts on your feet helps to improve your overall health and improves your mood.


30 min - 400kr

Cupping massage

This ancient healing technique from China helps with pain management, muscle relaxation and immunity enhancement. By placing the cups on the skin, suction is created which enhances blood circulation and nourishes the muscles.


45 min - 550kr

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