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Who we are...

Monika Sadlonova & Morgan Sluys

massage therapists

We are two friends. Monika is from Slovakia, and currently resides on Samsø. Morgan is from Belgium, and joins the

team in the summer. We met in Geneva, Switzerland, and now, our massage project became true on a small Danish

island in the far north. Our background in massage and therapy is quite different, just as our techniques are, but the passion
of touch and massage bonds us in a stable unit. We love what we do just as we love each other. And we
are incredibly happy that we can share our love with you on such a wonderful place as Samsø is.





My massage journey started in 2013 in Slovakia. I completed a school of Swedish and sports massage, and continued with a 4-year study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prague. The study involved acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese massage, dietetics, and a month study stay in a hospital in China. I currently continue educating myself in this field also here in Denmark. During my studies I practiced and worked on massage and acupuncture clinics in Prague. I have run my own private practice since 2013.

"My technique is based in a Swedish massage and combines the features of a deep touch, acupressure of points and areas, meridian massage, stretching and moving. I follow the needs of each one individually. My massage can be either
focused on de-stress and relaxation, or have a more therapeutic aspect - in this case I use acupressure, acupuncture and cupping."


It was a book about self-massage that made me realize when I was thirteen years old that I love the subject. From that moment on, I knew that it would become a big part of my life. I took a harmonizing massage education in Belgium in my twenties. Its technique is very similar to a conscious massage technique. I started to practice straight away. Along the way, I attended some other workshops and seminars : Swedish massage in Belgium, Tuina in Switzerland and Danish Body Therapy here in Denmark.

 "My personal touch is based in harmonizing massage, it flows constantly all over the body and creates the feeling of unification. Working symmetrically on both sides of the body gives a harmonizing sensation. It invites to a deep relaxation and a feeling of an inward journey. I adapt the strength of my touch to the taste and needs of every person accordingly."

"We have known each other for ten years and are grateful to build a partnership based on our mutual friendship"

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