Pamper Yourself at Samsø Velvet Touch Massage

About us

Morgan & Monika
Massage therapists

Morgan : I have known already as a teenager that massage would be part of my life. Since my first professional education in this field, in my twenties, I stayed passionated about it.

Monica : I enjoy being on both sides of a massage table. As a receiver, I admire the ability of a good massage to help me to calm down and turn off.

As a giver, I love to have a chance to create a special space for others. A space of safety and tranquility, where time flows differently and is only devoted to them.

After my education in massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine, a couple of years ago, I still am passionate and curious about it, and my desire to deepen my knowledge in this field still continues today.

"We have known each other for ten years and are grateful to build a partnership based on our mutual friendship"

We are located in Strandlyst Hotel, 
The finest Hotel & Restaurant
on the island.