Samsø Velvet Touch Massage

A new massage studio created by two friends in Ballen.


We are happy to offer a professional and conscious massage service.

Aromatherapy massage


Full body relaxing massage. A great treat for both your body and spirit .You can choose from our range of therapeutic grade essential oils, each one has a specific effect. They can improve your skin, relieve sore muscles and appeal to your senses.

Deep tissue massage

Enjoy this massage with stronger pressure that soothes painful areas on your body according to your needs. 

The healing effect is enhanced by our special bundle of essential oils.


Hot stones massage

Deeply warming and relaxing. The smooth lava stones are pure joy to feel on the skin. The heat relieves the muscle tension so the therapist is allowed to work deeper while using lighter pressure.


Back massage

Lighter or stronger, you can choose the intensity of this massage. Ideal after a long car drive or everyday work.

Head and neck massage

Have you been using your phone a lot lately? We can help you!

Feet massage

Very pleasant experience, the stimulation of specific parts on your feet can help to improve your overall health.

Double Massage

Double massage means that you can enjoy a massage session, with a person of your choice. You will be massaged together, on two massage tables, by both of us, respecting your needs and preferences. Please choose massage sessions of the same duration.